RefRain: Prism Memories – Launching on Steam May 12th

RefRain: Prism Memories – Launching on Steam May 12th

Degica is pleased to announce that RebRank’s cyberpunk shoot-’em-up, RefRain -prism memories-, is coming to Steam on May 12th.

RefRain -prism memories- is an empowering, cyberpunk, bullet-hell shoot-’em-up that focuses on fast-paced, offensive gameplay. “Dive” into a hazardous digital world, cycle through 3 different attack modes, and delete the opposition with superior firepower.


  • Three different ships with unique attacks: the balanced Must Viper, the close-range Blitz Lester, and the sniping Bronx Terror
  • Damage enemies to charge your M.E.F.A2 gauge and unleash devastating special attacks
  • Tactically use your Concept Reactor to turn harmful projectiles into prisms that you can shoot to increase your M.E.F.A2 gauge faster, then repeat the cycle with deadly efficiency
  • Expertly designed enemies and bullet patterns challenge you but reward skillful and aggressive play
  • Beautiful high-resolution character art
  • High-octane electronica soundtrack that will quicken your pulse

Degica is a Tokyo-based publisher specializing in localizing Japanese games for the global market. We’re best known for the RPG Maker franchise and shooting games such as DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours, Deathsmiles, Mushihimesama, Shooting Love Anniversary Edition, ESCHATOS Wonder Pack, and Crimzon Clover. Our goal is to bring you the best games from Japan and all around the world!

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