Gunslugs 2 Review (Nintendo 3DS)

Gunslugs 2 Review (Nintendo 3DS)
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Developed by OrangePixel, Gunslugs 2 is a 2D run-and-gun shooter that uses rogue-like game mechanics such as permadeath and levels that partially regenerate new content.

The game spans across fifty-seven levels of intense, knuckle-whitening action, as the player combats enemy foot soldiers and destroys giant signal towers (the main mission objective). These towers must be disabled from the inside, and this is accomplished by coming in contact with the explosives that randomly generate inside the structure. However, the player must fight their way through a handful of enemies to reach the top of the tower.

The gameplay – while challenging – leaves very little to the imagination. Aside from running, jumping and shooting, the player can retrieve health kits from fallen enemies to replenish health; use an assortment of weapons (i.e. rocket launchers, lightening guns, etc.) to defeat enemies; and drive a variety of vehicles (including tanks) to improve their chances of survival.


Gunslugs 2 expects the player to conserve ammo, but this can be difficult to achieve due to the number of on-screen enemies. It is possible to find ammo by destroying crates and killing enemies, but it doesn’t appear as often as it should. The game’s permadeath feature can be quite punishing. For example, once the player loses all their lives, the game ends. However, it is possible to continue from that level from the main menu. Unfortunately, the player must start the level over from the beginning.

The boss battles are quite possibly the most challenging of any 2D shooter. For example: the first boss, Metal Face — a giant metallic head that fires rockets from its mouth — quickly sets the pace (and difficulty) for Gunslugs 2. Not only does the player have to figure out the boss’ pattern, but they must also deal with a group of respawning soldiers that drop important power ups when killed. Problem is, the player and respawning foot soldiers are left to occupy a very small portion of the screen; Metal Head occupies the rest of it.

Since the action is confined to a small corner of the playfield, a lot of the power ups that drop during the battle end up off screen, making them inaccessible. This is especially frustrating when a much-needed health kit drops, and there is no way to get it. While frustrating, this bug only seems confined to Metal Head and not the other bosses. It would be nice if developer OrangePixel addressed the issue with a patch, though.


Gunslugs 2 is a challenging, but fun 2D shooter that tries very hard to emulate classics such as Contra and Metal Slug, but falls short due to bugs and frustrating gameplay. On its own, though — Gunslugs 2 is an addictive, hell bullet shooter that can be a lot of fun to play, especially if you can overlook its shortcomings. Just remember that your skills as a gamer will be challenged every step of the way.

Mike Pittaro
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: OrangePixel
Publisher: Engine Software
ESRB: T (Teen)
Price: $4.99

Gunslug 2 Official Website:

Review Score
Classic 8-bit (or is it 12-bit?) sprites and backgrounds.
Standard fare of explosions and gunfire; the sound track is memorable, though.
While challenging and fun, the gameplay suffers from awkward quirks and small bugs (i.e. power ups falling off screen, etc.).
Gunslugs 2 is an addictive, hell bullet shooter that can be a lot of fun to play, if you can overlook its shortcomings.
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