FourPlay Football – Now Available for iOS & Android Devices

FourPlay Football – Now Available for iOS & Android Devices

Detroit-based FourPlay Sports, announces the immediate availability of FourPlay Football for iOS & Android. The app is the result of a decades-old movement of underground gamers who prefer FourPlay Football to traditional fantasy football and have joined to help launch the game nationally. But if you do like fantasy sport of any kind, then you can always go on sites like DraftKings to satiate that need.

“Our game appeals to football fans who don’t have time for traditional fantasy football, but want the same thrill of weekend action with their friends,” said CJ Karchon, co-founder of FourPlay Sports. “There’s a big void in this market for a game that frees the user from time-consuming research and management of individual players, which is why we’re releasing our market-tested and beloved game to the public.”

Underground Community Owns the Game

The underground community of users who play FourPlay Football number in the thousands. Users across America have been administering leagues and competing with friends for decades. A recent surge in demand has caused users to band together and raise money to make the game available online, creating a community-owned product.

“FourPlay Football is unique because we’re not owned by a big corporation. This app is a product of our community, dedicated users who have contributed their time and money to collectively make this a reality. We attribute the recent surge in demand to the declining interest in season-long fantasy football, ” said Jeff Johnson, FourPlay Sports co-founder, “The recent popularity of one-day fantasy leagues highlights the shortening attention span users have for fantasy sports.

However, we know people still want a fun league with their friends to enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship fantasy sports can bring. Our FourPlay Football app solution is a fun game based on picking teams over individuals, without the time commitment, and we know the market for this type of fantasy sports application is huge.”

Fantasy Causing More Harm Than Good to Football

FourPlay Football is a concept driven by supporting the team instead of individual player performance. Instead of rooting for a “scenario” to occur, the FourPlay Football user is rooting for the collective team to succeed, regardless of which individual player on the team received the credit.

“Fantasy Football has changed the way people watch the sport, for the worse. Fans are rooting for scenarios to occur, rather than for team success. Real football is about the TEAM, and some of the most exciting moments are created when an unknown or first-year player is the hero! Fantasy has left these great football moments over-looked and under-celebrated, ” said Sam Sesti, Chief Technology Officer at FourPlay Sports.

Save Real Football

FourPlay Football has acquired the domain, which currently redirects visitors to With the help of FourPlay’s current Kickstarter campaign, it intends to sponsor the launch of’s own website and campaign.

“We believe there’s an audience out there that either hates fantasy football or have tired of the corporate takeover of the game. Save Real Football will give these fans a platform to give voice to the movement. The goal is to re-establish what the REAL sport of football is all about, the team!” said Jeff Johnson, Co-Founder, at FourPlay Sports.

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