The Settlers Online – Now Available on Steam

The Settlers Online – Now Available on Steam

Today Ubisoft and Blue Byte announced that The Settlers Online is now available on Steam. Players of the acclaimed strategy game can now add The Settlers Online for free to their Steam library. Using a Steam account allows players to start the game directly from the desktop and chat with friends, all while building an empire from a small village to a prosperous city.

The persistent world of The Settlers Online achieves greatness thanks to economical thinking and building a clever infrastructure. Now fans have access to the engaging browser game offering Player-versus-Player battles, challenges in fairytale-like epic adventures and an integrated science system with different skill trees to improve their empire.

The Steam launch also provides trading cards for The Settlers Online. Players who collect all of the cards are able to craft them into a game badge that are tied to the player’s account and is shown in their profile. Game badges come with tradable The Settlers Online items like emoticons, Steam profile backgrounds and other game rewards.

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