Reverb Triple XP Reveals Pax East Line-up

Reverb Triple XP Reveals Pax East Line-up

Reverb Triple XP announced today its line-up of two standout games for Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East 2015.

From March 6th – 8th, PAX EAST attendees can visit Reverb’s booth #7192 featuring two playable indie titles including the worldwide debut of Verona, a brand new third-person, action-adventure game playable for the first time, and the insane laser shark-filled Edge of Space.

PAX East gamers can get hands-on with the following titles at Reverb’s Booth #7192:

  • Edge of SpaceHandyman Studios (Platforms: PC, Linux): An open-world, dynamically-generated, sandbox survival-adventure game where gamers emerge from a crashed cryopod with only a laser mining pick and gear then must immediately start fabricating survival equipment, exploring, and collecting resources from valuable mined ore. Fantastic monstrosities gamers will encounter include cybernetically-enhanced Space Laser Sharks, genetically-evolved Plasma Polar Bears, and deadly-quick Jetpack Space Penguins. Set at the absolute edge of space, gamers must adapt or die!  The PAX East 2015 demo will include vastly enhanced visuals, improved interface, new gameplay additions and much more.
  • Screenshots:
  • Verona Prior Games (Platforms: TBA): Set on a pre-apocalyptic Earth already left behind by the wealthy and the privileged, Verona follows a team of extractors – 22nd-century treasure hunters – who secure and transport anything desirable from our dying planet to the colonies, regardless of size. Inspired by the cult television series ‘Firefly’ and Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” Verona is a third-person action-adventure that keeps on challenges players to ponder the material or emotional value of the discovered riches.
  • Artwork:

Can’t attend PAX East this year? Be sure to check out the official Twitch PAX East 2015 Showcase live stream at where Reverb Triple XP will demonstrate its games starting at 12:15 pm EST, Sunday, March 8th.

It may include a special surprise for viewers!

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