Swords & Poker Adventures – Now Available free on iTunes

Swords & Poker Adventures – Now Available free on iTunes

Konami Digital Entertainment announced today the launch of Swords & Poker Adventures, a mobile gaming app for the iOS platform. Swords & Poker Adventures is a fresh new take on the hit Sword & Poker series.

Swords & Poker Adventures features an all-new original storyline set in an incredible and vast world. Players are offered an enormous library of epic weapons, shields, and magic needed to defeat the deadliest of monsters and save the world from the Chaos realm.

General Game Flow
Players enter a massive world filled with stunningly crafted zones only to find it being overrun by monsters from the Chaos realm. Players encounter monsters and must defeat them in poker battles to progress through the game. Battles start with nine shared cards dealt to the center of the board and cards are then dealt to each player. Players must use two of their cards in each turn to make a five card poker hand on the shared board.

The better the hand and the better the items equipped, the more damage dealt to the opponent. As players defeat monsters, they will unlock new areas, weapons, shields and will even obtain magic spells. Each upgrade and unlock will help players as they progress through the adventure.

Strategic Placement, Type of Hand, Weapons and Abilities
Swords & Poker Adventures encourages the use of strategy in the placement of cards during poker battles. It is not just what card, but how and when to place it that is important. In addition, the type of hand formed is critical. For example, a flush will deal more damage to the monsters than a pair of cards. The type of weapon wielded by the player is also important to the strategy of the game.

The amount of damage the weapons inflict, will change based on the type of hand. Some weapons are better for simple hands, while others are better at inflicting more devastating blows for more advanced hands. Players can also unlock powerful magic spells, that can be used to alter the game board and massively increase the damage they do with certain hands, suits, and cards.

Beat Your Friend’s Scores or Lend Them a Hand!
Compete against your friends for the high score for each zone or help a friend out with valuable bonus cards used to draw an extra card while in combat. As the number of friends playing increases, more bonus cards become available.

Future Updates Coming Soon
Lots of content updates and events are planned, as well as a major player vs player update for fall 2014. The Android version of Swords & Poker Adventures is currently under development.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id808589838

Launch Trailer:


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