Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army – Reaches Over Half a Million Sales on Steam

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army – Reaches Over Half a Million Sales on Steam

Independent UK developer Rebellion today announced that the hugely successful Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army series has reached over half a million sales across Steam, retail, and the Rebellion Gamestore.

To celebrate the series’ first birthday the studio has released a bundle pack including both games and launched a 75% sale on both Steam (ending March 3rd) and the Rebellion Gamestore (ending March 7th).

That means gamers can pick up the entire series for just £4.49 / $6.25 or download either game on their own for just £2.49 / $3.75.

Console entry now in development

Released a year ago today, the series made its debut with Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army – a horror spin-off from 2012’s award winning Sniper Elite V2.

But the intense four-player co-op and great value price point quickly proved so popular that a dedicated team began to work on a sequel, eventually launching seven months later during Halloween 2013.

Both games were only available on PC, and having teased the possibilities in previous statements Rebellion’s CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley can now finally confirm that a console entry is in development.

“We can’t say much yet but it won’t just be a re-package of the first two games – there will be plenty of new content to get stuck into.”

“Like many independent developers, we’re still learning the ropes and having a lot of conversations with the platform holders. We’re not at the stage where we can confirm the platforms right now, but we’re fortunate to have experience already from self-publishing on Steam and mobile, so we’re confident it’ll go smoothly.”

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