Match Racer (Review) iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Match Racer (Review) iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
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Looking for an exciting game that packs a big punch? Match Racer for iPhone and iPad by Enter9 is your answer. A virtually endless race track with a peppy soundtrack that gets you into the game and will keep you playing for hours. You can create your own “matchstick racer” or use the one that comes with the game.

The tutorials will teach you how to fire your weapon and use your shield. The music track is constantly changing as you shield and ram your way through obstacles while collecting coins.

The obstacles vary in design and resemble matchsticks. You will need to use your shields when encountering green obstacles and Flame Burst when they are red. The controls use your thumbs by tilting your device left and right.

To use your shield, you must place your thumb on the right side of the screen. To use Burst of Flame, your thumb must be placed on the left side of the screen. The red circle that surrounds your racer is your health; you must protect it by using your shield. The Burst of Flame will use up energy, so watch the green circle that surrounds your racer.

The controls are simple, but intuitive: if you want to move to the right, tilt your device to the right; to move to the left, tilt your device to the left. The game is very interactive and will get progressively harder the longer you play. The faster you travel, the higher your score will be. Your speed varies based on the obstacles you encounter and how many speed boosts you hit.

There are over 80 achievements that can be unlocked. You can also upgrade your energy, health and speed, among other things, with the coins that you collect. When the game ends, you will be given objectives such as to collect 500 coins, race 100 kilometers, and score 30,000 points. You will also find your score, coins collected, distance traveled, how many matches lit, speed bonus used, red matches hit, and boosts collected.

Anyone can play Match Racer, even non-race game fans. The game has just the right balance to appeal to players of all kinds. You can also play against other people. Match Racer is a fun, non-stop interactive racing game with a peppy soundtrack that you can (literally) play forever.

Developer: Enter9
Publisher: Enter9
Price: Free

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Review Score
The 2D graphics take advantage of the capabilities of the iPhone; beautiful to look at and play.
Peppy music that really gets you into the game and keeps you in the spirit of the game.
The tutorial will teach you how to play, using thumbs and tilting motions. It allows the player to feel as if they were in the game.
Match Racer is a fun game with a defensive twist that is reminiscent of some of the classic games where you had to destroy objects while collecting others. Overall, a fun game for players of skill levels.

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