Guncraft – New Trailer

Guncraft – New Trailer

Take to the high seas in a brand new Guncraft trailer illustrating the extensive level design toolset and customization capabilities available to players in the upcoming voxel-based shooter. From the first placed blocks of the ship’s hull to the final plank, experience the full map built from scratch then watch as a voxel-borne battle erupts between the two pirate ships ending in utter destruction.

Developed by Exato Game Studios, Guncraft gives players the flexibility to create arenas and then share them as they see fit. Block by block, players can transition from an empty stage to a fully realized world in a short period of time. Through creation – and ultimately destruction – Guncraft enables players to make amazing structures based on anything they can think of and then utilize them during multiplayer battles.

In Guncraft it’s not always about how you shoot – it’s about how you build.

Guncraft fans are asked to help vote for the game on Valve’s Steam Greenlight, which enables members of the Steam community to vote for games that they’d like to see available. Vote today!

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Build It. Play It. – Trailer


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