World of Trinketz – Launches on Facebook Today

World of Trinketz – Launches on Facebook Today

Dark Matter Entertainment announced today that World of Trinketz, a 3D virtual world for Facebook gamers of all ages, is now open for play. World of Trinketz is a game of exploration and creation, playing and sharing, designed for kids, parents, and anyone looking for a nonviolent, yet engaging play experience.

“We set out to create a game that everyone can enjoy – without some of the aggression involved in a lot of MMO games today. The fact that players can make the experience as simple or involved as they want is going to be appealing to a lot of players,” said Josh Druckman, Dark Matter CEO.

Trinketz are everyday objects that have their own unique personalities and each one has come to life. Every Trinketz features customization options and Trinketz level up over time. Well-treated Trinketz form fast friendships and sometimes even offer rewards.


  • The first family-friendly 3D MMO for Facebook
  • Collect and customize hundreds of different Trinketz
  • Build your own world and customize it with your collections and creations
  • Play alone or dance, farm, bake, fish, and play music with players from around the world
  • Take on missions and go exploring in a rich, colorful world
  • Playable on most computers, Windows and Mac alike

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