GunCraft (Preview) PC

GunCraft (Preview) PC

Minecraft with guns? This is exactly what Guncraft resembles. Developed by Exatogames, this online first-person shooter is set inside large environments comprised of building blocks. The game uses standard keyboard controls (used in all modern FPS) in conjunction with the mouse to fire your weapons.

Guncraft includes thirty-eight maps that range in complexity. Some maps, like Battlefield, are quite small and resemble arenas, while others like New Haven have massive structures that players can climb and use as camping spots. Players can burrow through the environment with their weapons to make tunnels or entrench themselves in the ground. There are helicopters to pilot, tanks to drive and blimps to jump from after you respawn. If you want to be creative, you can even run your opponents over with said vehicles to conserve ammo.

Guncraft has a comprehensive Class Editor where you can customize your character. The editor currently includes seven character skins (CraftyTron being the most original), slots for primary, secondary, and melee weapons, combat bonuses, and even Multi Kill Perks. Since weapons, skills and perks unlock during gameplay, you can visit the editor after a match to upgrade your equipment and skills.

The in-game map editor, the Foundry, shares a striking resemblance to Minecraft. With a pickaxe, the player can cultivate a map by digging holes and placing texture-mapped boxes anywhere on the screen. Any misplaced blocks can be destroyed using the pickaxe. Gamers who have beta tested Guncraft have already pointed out how similar this feature is to Minecraft. While this may be true, the similarities between the two games end with the mechanics. The Foundry doesn’t offer any gameplay.

As long as the developer, Exatogames, stays on track with its development, Guncraft could easily capture the hearts of gamers everywhere with its unique blend of FPS action and Minecraft-like qualities. Guncraft is scheduled to launch on April 30th, 2013.

We strongly believe in supporting indie developers like Exatogames. After experiencing the open beta, head on over to the Steam Greenlight Community to cast your vote.

GunCraft Open Beta Link

Mike Pittaro
Developer: Exatogames
Publisher: Exatogames
Available: April 30th, 2013
Price: TBD

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