Knight Age – Rider’s Training Update Launches Today

Knight Age – Rider’s Training Update Launches Today

Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher known for its popular MMORPG, Knight Age, today launched a new update, Rider’s Training, for the action-packed mounted combat title.  This fun new update will be featuring a high-stakes horse race using Knight Age’s unique mount system.

This new adventure promises to be a treat for players as they take off on a faced-paced horse racing event.  No fixed race schedule means it’s easy to hop on the waiting list and experience the ride when five racers are ready in just a mere 30 seconds!  Rider’s Training features a variety of obstacles from falling stones to nasty monsters who are always trying to throw the race.  But players won’t want to try and kill monsters, instead just avoid them as bumping into a nasty beast will do serious damage to the race.  Puddles, stepping stones and geographical hurdles, that reduce speed, make this a game chocked full of excitement!

This new mini game sweetens the pot by awarding the top three players with prizes.  The player who takes the finish line within five minutes is declared the winner and earns a special gift box containing valuable items.

In addition to this new update, Knight Age will also host a special event starting today, March 5th through April 2nd titled “Talk to Trainer Slafe at Yan Village, Green Shores Village or Port City Amarath.”  Players who win first place in this special event will earn a variety of cool prizes including a pet, Ediron, Auto-Potion and All Mine.  Plus there are lots of bonus prizes including a Golden Carrot for 50 lucky players!

Every mount and character class is eligible to join the both the Rider’s Training and the accompanying  event.

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