Eye Spy – Now Available on iTunes

Eye Spy – Now Available on iTunes

Social game developer Playdemic today announced the launch of their latest game Eye Spy! on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.  Playdemic’s Eye Spy! is NOT the boring old game you used to play with your family on those long car journeys!

Eye Spy! asks players to use the iPhone and iPod touch’s camera and Facebook connections to create a completely new social gaming experience that you and your friends will love.

Playing Eye Spy! is simple: think of something… anything, take the photo that you think best represents your idea then type in the answer and challenge up to two friends to guess what it is. It could be anything from a band name or a movie reference, to a celebrity or a place that means something special to you and your other half. You could even draw a face on a table tennis bat and make the answer BATMAN… get it?!

The first of your friends to correctly guess the answer wins and it’s their turn. In Eye Spy! players are limited only by their imagination and are free to concoct any weird and wonderful composition that they can to keep their friends and family guessing. Players can also use photos from their library or the public gallery within
the game which is constantly updated with the best and funniest images from other players’ games. To add to the fun, the chat feature allows players to joke about awful guesses or send and receive clues.

“As a social games company, Playdemic is always looking for exciting and creative new ways to get people playing together on their smartphones,” said Paul Gouge, CEO of Playdemic. “The beautiful simplicity of Eye Spy! is that it takes incredibly familiar game concepts that people know and love such as eye spy and charades and merges it with their device’s camera and social network connections to create an incredibly compelling experience. Eye Spy! is like no other game you’ve played before on your phone.” Eye Spy! is a fun, simple and challenging game that’s truly unique and will have users and their friends playing in ways that they never imagined.

Key features:

  • Fun & Simple Gameplay – Take a picture, type in the answer and send. One or two friends race 
to guess the correct answer. Simple!
  • Multiplayer – Users can play the same game against one or even two of their Facebook friends
at the same time.
  • Public Gallery – Don’t know where to start? Choose an image from the public gallery and check 
if your friends can guess it!
  • Themes – These help players choose a gallery image and give their friends clues to the answer.
  • Chat & Nudge – Send and receive clues, joke about incorrect attempts or just urge your friends
to guess.
  • Lifelines – Use lifelines to help narrow down the right answer. Remove incorrect letters and see 
the length of the mystery answer.
  • Full Facebook Integration – Players can login with their Facebook account. 
No other usernames or passwords are needed.

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eye-spy!/id531340592


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