Farm Kingdom – Receives Massive Update

Farm Kingdom – Receives Massive Update

Leading publisher, known for its popular international online games Legend: Legacy of the Dragons and Juggernaut, today launched an all-new update for the successful social farm game, Farm Kingdom.  The latest update, beginning today, will feature all-new quests, characters, mini game enhancements and so much more!

It’s getting colder outside but that’s not the only change in Farm Kingdom, this update welcomes a new friend Gregory to the Kingdom!  With the start of the winter season comes a new update filled with new challenges, features, and more and with the “Help of Friends” everything is possible in Farm Kingdom.

This update will introduce players to a new expanded area, the Castle.  The borders of the flourishing kingdom have expanded and a new path has appeared where players can use the navigation map to access this exciting new locale  There they will meet Gregory, a previous royal valet, who can fill them in on all the new challenges that await including a new quest chain!  “Farm Construction” combines old quests with a new one to create an exciting set of challenges designed to help improve their farm.

If players have already experienced the power of magical beads, then they will love the new styling opportunities!  Not only will they be able to hide or show their companion Sweetie and their wings, but they can choose the style of these mighty magical symbols earned by putting on certain magical jewelry.  And if Sweetie and wings from the amulet are not enough; three new costume sets for Angel, Fraulein and Imp including five pieces of clothing for each set are now available!  Additionally, players can receive various bonuses from the clothing!

MiniGame updates feature new sound and music options to listen to while catching fish or playing Quabble.  New consumables are also available to influence the outcome of thrilling Quabble matches, and players can find out which potions are most suited to their game strategy!  In addition, players can now choose between three different types of animation; animation turned on, reduced animation or disable all decorative animation.  This feature may help minimize data traffic thus improving gameplay.

Well-known friend, Rouser Rattlespear, has become a full-fledged citizen of the Kingdom and now players can visit their new neighbor the same way they would visit any other friend and even send him gifts from is wish list!  Players won’t be disappointed with the help they’ll get in return and with a bit of luck they might even find treasure while helping!

New update equals New Animals.  Royal permission has been granted and the much anticipated enhancements for the Poultry House can now be implemented.  After upgrading the dwelling to the Prestigious Poultry House and finishing the pheasant room, players will have enough space to care for the new inhabitants to their farm.  Additionally, the colorful Rainbow breed will provide a breath-taking new collection of items!

In this new update, players will find that the more progress they make improving their farm the more high-grade resources they will need.  A new metal is now available and soon players will find wonderful uses for the amazing tin, and attentive citizens will find an extra addition when logging in!

Farm Kingdom welcomes friendship along with the change in weather and invites everyone to check out its fascinating novelties, demanding challenges, new friends and adventure!

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