PixelPerfectGaming Braces for Frankenstorm

PixelPerfectGaming Braces for Frankenstorm

To all our readers: As some of you may or may not know, PixelPerfectGaming.com’s headquarters is located in the North East. As of today, 10/28/2012, we are expecting what is being called by meteorologists as the ‘The Perfect Storm’. The storm is expected to arrive at our location within the next couple of days.

Warning advisories have urged businesses to exercise caution as we are expected to have high velocity winds, damaging rains, flooding, and power outages. PixelPerfectGaming.com plans to continue business as usual until the weather dictates otherwise.

The full scope of the storm’s impact is not yet know.

To our readers in the North East: stay safe and stock up; we’re in for a good one.

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