Torchlight II (Review) PC

Torchlight II (Review) PC
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The long wait for Torchlight II has finally come to an end. Gamers everywhere can finally explore the enormous dungeons, fight mobs of monsters, and collect epic loot to enhance their characters. Torchlight II is a mind-blowing game with an epic story that includes countless side-quests.

Let’s forget for a moment that you’ve played the original Torchlight and I will explain the treasures that await you. Torchlight II, much like the original Torchlight, is an action role-playing game.

Torchlight II’s world is massive with endless possibles. There is a total of one-hundred and twenty-three achievements to collect; this should be a hint of how large Torchlight II’s world is.

There are four character classes to choose from at the moment: Engineer (Melee Class), Embermage (Spell Caster Class), Berserker (Rogue Class) and the Outlander (Range Class). While the selection is small, the game covers all the necessary classes needed for a role-playing game. I have been hearing a lot of complaints about Torchlight II’s character selection and I don’t see what the problem is. You can only have so melee/spellcaster variations before they become redundant.

Torchlight II is a beautiful game that is comparable to anything currently available on the market today. The classes are balanced and the offline story offers tremendous depth and extensive character interaction. You can use any of your offline characters during online co-op play. This is a great way to experience Torchlight II’s rich story with your friends while exploring the game world.

Familiars (or pets) can carry items when your inventory is full. When you play online, these items will carry over from your single-player save. Speaking of pets — Torchlight II returns with a larger selection of pets which serve as companions. They can also be sent to town to sell any unwanted junk while you continue to explore. This feature is ideal; it saves you time that can be better spent leveling your character, exploring dungeons, and experiencing the story.

Combat is fast-paced with endless creature mobs to kill. The combat system is designed to use the left-mouse button for special attacks and the right-mouse button for walking and using basic attacks.  You can map more than one attack to the mouse if you choose, but there isn’t really any need to. Switching between special attacks is easy  and can be done by pressing the tab key on the keyboard. This will swap the currently mapped mouse button skill to something else. You can also play it old-school by using the number keys on the keyboard.

Torchlight 2‘s magic scroll system is very impressive. Regardless of your character’s archetype, there are certain scrolls that can be used to give your character skills not native to his/her class. You can find scrolls that will teach your tank (i.e. Engineer)  magic spells such as fireballs. Even familiars (i.e. pets) will learn different abilities and spells from these scrolls.There is so much customization involved it’s mind-blowing.

Each character class has its own talent tree that is divided into three sections. If you have played the original Torchlight or happen to be a fan of WoW (World of Warcraft), then the talent system will be familiar to you. The talent system gives players countless possibilities when building their characters; no two characters will play alike.

Like Diablo III, Torchlight II has an open-ended world that takes countless hours to explore. The player isn’t bound by the parameters of the story.  You can venture off and explore dungeons and other locations without interfering with the main plot.

Torchlight II has taken a different approach to the dark, gritty atmosphere that has become the norm in most dungeon crawlers. The graphics are bright and colorful, and the backgrounds are absolutely breathtaking. Even the creatures come to life with pastel-like colors that are nothing short of eye-popping. It’s easy to see the creature mobs because of the graphics.

The music has a unique appeal that will remind you of classic dungeon crawlers of yesteryear. Dark and foreboding, the in-game soundtrack overwhelms the player with a multitude of emotions that range from deep-seeded sorrow to even isolation (even when playing co-op).

Torchlight II is a role-playing fan’s dream come true. There is so much happening in-game that it’s almost overwhelming to the senses. Furthermore, Torchlight II is not a Diablo III clone walking in its competitor’s shadow — it’s an epic adventure that stands on its own creative merits.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro
PC (Steam)
Developer: Runic Games:
Publisher: Runic Games
Price: $19.99

Runic Games’ Website

Review Score
A fantasy art style that is pleasing to the eyes.
The music is chockfull of emotion.
There’s always something to do in the world of Torchlight II.
One of the best dungeon crawlers available on PC. Runic Games took the best elements of Torchlight and integrated them into one of the best sequels to ever grace the PC.
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