Farm Kingdom Receives New Update

Farm Kingdom Receives New Update

Mail.Ru Games announced that it has launched a new update for its popular social Farm game, Farm Kingdom.

Many crops have been harvested and stored, and summer has come to an end. Farmers can take advantage of this opportunity to explore the astonishing surprises that can be found throughout Farm Kingdom. You never stop learning.  Grab a pen and make a note in your journal, to be sure not to miss any of the exciting new possibilities.

New Equipment

There are two new ways to improve your stats and facilitate work on your farm. From now on you will be able to put on a magical amulet and a magical bracelet. Be prepared to experience the surge of helpful power that increases with every bead that you successfully weave into your item. But be careful. Sometimes it might be wise to trust an experienced professional like the Jeweller to guarantee success, because unpracticed hands can fail and destroy the fragile jewelry.

For weaving the 10th bead into Sweetie’s Bracelet you will be rewarded with a faithful companion who will follow you wherever you go – even into combat. If you succeed in weaving the 10th bead into Angel’s Amulet, your character will sprout dreamlike angel’s wings.

This new ability can be found in the character tab of your inventory and is unlimited in time. Watch your companion as well as your wings while weaving further beads into the respective jewelry and witness the changes that take place.

New Quests

To guide you through the Days of Knowledge we have created exciting and fun new quest chains. Assist Carmen the Milkmaid and try to recapture the symbol of knowledge from dubious hands. Make sure to check the sawmill on your farm. If you are willing to learn, and are successful enough, you may even earn the Academic Cap.

The production of the caps will be available until October 17th. All new farmers will also find fresh challenges, so they can continue their progress towards a flourishing farm.

As usual our friendly turtle will help you complete the many tasks and duties that accrue on your farm. Have you already noticed its new appearance?

New Decorations

A multitude of highly diverse ways of decorating your farm is now available. Various different paths, turns and kerbs can be used to give your farm an individual look. Will it look neat, a bit overgrown or something in between? Decide for yourself and build a new eye-catching farm piece by piece.

New Mini-game Function

The character animation can be turned off while playing Quabble, to minimize data flow. With this new function you can still enjoy throwing the dice, even if your technical resources are temporarily limited.

Additional New Features

In addition, new functions have been added to improve your gaming experience as you spend time on your farm.


Detailed information on fishing can be found hidden behind the life ring in the angler display.

Language Flag

Another new feature is the country flag that is displayed alongside the in-game nickname. Now you know at least one language in which you can address another player without having to check their profile, and other users know which language they should use to contact you.

You will find different ways to gain more knowledge. So, spread your wings and fly towards the fantastic new experiences that the game has to offer.

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