Minion Master – Launches Closed Beta

Minion Master – Launches Closed Beta

Independent micro studio BitFlip Games today announced that Minion Master, its debut strategy release that seamlessly combines elements of tabletop gaming, turn based and  real-time strategy, and collectible card building games, has now officially gone into beta. The beta build releases this afternoon and introduces a new competitive multiplayer mode, awe inspiring new animated minions, new card art and UI backgrounds.

With the introduction of the new competitive multiplayer mode, Minion Master becomes fun on a new level with play against human opponents. To create, find and join multiplayer matches, simply log onto the new lobby and jump into custom maps, where players battle against any combination of six human and AI opponents.

Featuring a new integrated chat client, password protected multiplayer games so only your friends can join, multiplayer matches open up a whole new world of ever changing opponents. The beta build also contains a radical overhaul of the in-game animation system, as Minions now come to life to attack opponents during matches.

“The launch of the Minion Master beta is a massive step for BitFlip – the introduction of multiplayer opens a whole new world of tactics and challenges against human opponents. Along with a new animation system, we’ve given the digital board game a massive overhaul”, said David Steinwedel, Executive Producer of BitFlip Games,  “We look forward to listening to community feedback over the coming weeks, that will continue to shape Minion Master as we move closer to commercial release”.

The BitFlip Games team will be at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle, WA from August 31st to September 2nd to unveil Minion Master to consumers for the first time.

All attendees who visit the BitFlip booth will be given limited edition playing cards from the Minion Master universe and anyone who chooses to pre-order Minion Master between now and the end of PAX will receive a special in-game character.

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