Shadowrun Online – New Gameplay Footage Revealed

Shadowrun Online – New Gameplay Footage Revealed

With the Kickstarter campaign for Cliffhanger Productions reaching its final week, Cliffhanger Production unleashes an all-out information offensive released on their Shadowrun Online game including an AMA scheduled for August 8th 3 pm EST on

Launching two new videos presented by actor Jeff Ricketts (Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Star Trek, 24) which give gamers a peek at their information gathering and preparation missions called ‘legwork’ and the game’s unique multi-layered world view concept.

The world view layers allow players to uniquely perceive the game’s environment, NPCs and enemies as they receive different information from the game’s interface based on their character’s skills and abilities. This new form of contextual gameplay allows players to interact differently with ‘their’ individual world layers.

A Hacker may be interacting with access nodes, security devices and hostile drones in Augmented Reality, while a Street Samurai can perceive weaknesses in the enemy’s armor or see the cover benefits granted by objects in the world. Mages can sense the life essence and magical abilities of enemies and objects through walls and even see augmentations on living beings as “essence dead zones”.

“By combining these world views members of a team can support each other’s tactical decisions while players can experience the world and its challenges from very different perspectives – a game concept our team is quite excited about” says Jan Wagner, Co-Founder of Cliffhanger Productions.

The Kickstarter campaign has raised over $250,000 so far and has found support from fans as well as the original pen and  paper Shadowrun Co-Creator Tom Dowd and numerous other Shadowrun writers and artists.

Our Kickstarter campaign enters its home stretch with seven days to go to make the necessary funding goal.

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