Shadowrun Online: Gameplay Explained

Shadowrun Online: Gameplay Explained

Cliffhanger Productions released a new video update on their ongoing Kickstarter project providing specifics about in-game  missions, including security alarm status  levels for stealth and infiltration tactics, the action and combat system, and how Cliffhanger intends to blend a turn-based  game with fluid action in multi-player gaming.

With existing support for iOS and Android tablets as well as PC/Mac platforms, Shadowrun Online now also has announced plans to support Linux and Ouya, the new Kickstarter-backed Android-based console.

Michael Paeck, Co-Founder of Cliffhanger Productions says “Adding these platforms will make Shadowrun an even better cross- platform experience! We are very happy to be able to add Linux, which has a dedicated following amongst gamers, and connect all our players into one base.

You can now easily play the game on your tablet, switch to your desktop PC and then later enjoy it on your Ouya-connected TV – without ever having to switch your account or character or suffer from restrictions based on your device!

One of the advantages of our fluent turn-based system is the ability to engage in a multiplayer session with or against others without the usual frustrations when different players have different connection or input speeds!”!”

Since adding a campaign style revenue model to meet the needs of the gaming community, the Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun Online has already garnered support from diverse sources such as actress and geek gamer extraordinaire Felicia Day and Firefly,  Buffy, Angel and 24 actor Jeff Ricketts, as well as Wired magazine’s GeekDad and

Promising to allow players to experience the unique Shadowrun game setting, with its wild mix of magic and cyberpunk, set in a dark and gritty future, Shadowrun Online will further enable players to determine the world’s ongoing  plots for both the Online game and the Shadowrun Tabletop/pen and paper books and novels, breaking the mold of conventional gaming with this.

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