Carrier Command: Recruits – First Episode Now Available

Carrier Command: Recruits – First Episode Now Available

Rising Star Games today announced the availability of the first episode of Carrier Command: Recruits, a four-part episodic series of free mini-games that prelude to Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. Connected by an overarching storyline, Recruits challenges players to overcome puzzles and unlock secrets within the Carrier Command universe. Carrier Command: Recruits will also give players a chance to win a digital copy of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission.

Carrier Command: Recruits has players take on the role of a Technical Analyst for the United Earth Coalition (UEC) — the protagonist’s faction. The story takes place right before the events of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and requires players to unravel a mysterious plot by completing a diverse set of challenges. The first episode, Head Hunting, takes players through a UEC recruitment session.

“This mini-games-series jumps in as an entertaining and free initiative to give people an early taste of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission’s atmosphere,” said Korneel van ‘t Land, brand and PR manager at Bohemia Interactive, developer of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. “This mini-game-series will help build excitement leading up to Carrier Command: Gaea Mission’s launch, and we can’t wait for fans to check it out.”

Players who complete an episode and share their progress on Facebook or Twitter before August 20 will have a chance to win one out of five digital copies (Windows PC) of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, and are guaranteed access to the beta.

The first episode of Carrier Command: Recruits is now available at:

The remaining three episodes will be released over the next few weeks with the final episode being available on August 9.


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