Shadowrun Online – Gameplay Footage

Shadowrun Online – Gameplay Footage

Today Cliffhanger Productions announced a number of additions to their Kickstarter project and released two new videos detailing their gameplay and plans for missions and campaigns.

Listening to what Shadowrun fans and gamers want, Shadowrun Online will now be available as a dedicated client for PC, Mac, iPad2 and up, as well as Android Tablets.This level of community engagement also resulted in the decision to add an additional, completely new way to play the game: The Campaign Model. It is a Pay-to-Own revenue model, similar to Guild Wars or classic pen and paper games.

You buy the game once for the going price of your typical game, or for just 25$ for Kickstarter backers. Then, you can play it forever, just like any single-player RPG. And, unlike most MMO’s, which charge a monthly subscription fee, or sell in-game items, you can instead decide to later acquire expansions such as new campaigns or additional cities.

“Our Kickstarter project was off to a good start, but some fans were hesitant to back it due to the way we wanted to deliver the game or our revenue model.” states Jan Wagner, Co-Founder of Cliffhanger Productions.

“We have added the campaign model and client as an alternative to address that. Some backers stated that they preferred different gameplay styles to the classic MMO or PvP games.

We want to emphasize that you can play the game any way you want – as a single player game by hiring NPC runners for your team and experiencing the story, as a co-op Multiplayer with your friends or as a mission based PvP.

feedback has been really valuable for us and we dedicated a lot of our time trying to answer questions and discuss the great suggestions by the community. People were looking for something more physical and closer to classic games, so we found a way to provide that and we also added a bunch of cool new goodies for backers” he adds.

The game’s plot and missions get explained in more depth in Cliffhanger’s second video also showing the first prototype gameplay footage. Shadowrun Online will differ from the standard MMO fare of “Kill 5 enemies, kill 10 enemies, kill 100 enemies” in so far as the mission goals are always part of the greater player driven plotline, with distinct and diverse goals.

Missions may also feature so called legwork, where Runners gather intel on their target and try to use it to better plan their runs in advance.

Michael Paeck, Co-Founder of Cliffhanger adds: “Cliffhanger is serious about listening to fans. The campaign model allows players to get a Retail Box version of Shadowrun Online or download and play it like any other classic single or co-op multiplayer game. So, however players choose to enjoy the game, they will still be part of the persistent and evolving world and player-driven story that makes Shadowrun Online special.”


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