APB Reloaded – Memorial Day Double Discount Weekend

APB Reloaded – Memorial Day Double Discount Weekend

Memorial Day Double Discount Weekend – From May 26th – May 28th (PDT), Premium members can enjoy a 40% discount on Armas items. Get your favorite weapons and items, including the new Weapon Skins for 40% off!

Don’t have Premium? Get it here and enjoy a 40% discount while you can.

Joker Mystery Box 3 – Grants you a chance at the new OCA Nano ‘Connoisseur,’ and other awesome prizes. The Nano has never before been released and is a unique, silenced automatic secondary weapon. Will the Nano be the newest addition to your inventory? You’ll have to find out!

Weapon Skins – Choose from 14 new Weapon Skins to match your Gear. Obliterate your enemies in style with easily interchangeable looks!

  • Blinged out Gold – for the most ballin’ citizens
  • A variety of National Flags from the world’s most killer countries
  • Camouflage, so you can take down your target before they even see you
  • Unique Skins – because you’re unique, duh!
  • Make your way around San Paro and unlock even more skins as you progress.

Official website: here

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