Legend of Grimrock – Pre-Order Today

Legend of Grimrock – Pre-Order Today

Today GOG.com is accepting preorders of Legend of Grimrock.

Legend of Grimrock is a love letter to classic first-person dungeon exploration games like Wizardry, Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master, or the Bard’s Tale series.

The game takes the old-school feel of crawling through venomous vaults, death-dealing chambers, and mortiferous corridors and gives the supposedly-abandoned genre a completely new life with modern execution: amazing graphics, unique rune-based spell-casting system, mind-boggling puzzles, and thousands of monster-filled grids separating the company of four brave heroes and the passage leading out of the murderous Grimrock Mountain.

GOG.com is the only digital distributor who is launching preorders of Legend of Grimrock, and it’s available now for $11.99–20% off the full retail price of $14.99—bundled with wallpapers, avatars, concept art, and more goodies. Legend of Grimrock will be available to play on April 11th, 2012.



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