Xmas Puzzle (Review) Nintendo Wii

Xmas Puzzle (Review) Nintendo Wii
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Looking for that perfect puzzle game to enjoy the Holiday? Enjoyup’s Xmas puzzle (500 WiiWare points) is your answer.

Xmas Puzzle allows for three different puzzles to be saved, perfect for any puzzle lover and their family. Using the Wiimote, one or more person(s) can solve the puzzle. The puzzle image is a subtle background that will show you where each piece can go.

Upon selecting the correct profile, you will enter into the game. Levels are highlighted as puzzle pieces in a completed puzzle. When a piece is highlighted, selecting it with the Wiimote will take you to that specific puzzle.

The first puzzle, even though it starts you out with bigger pieces, is very hard. There is only a few colors present in the background image that is used as a guide for placing each puzzle piece. I found myself having to re-arrange pieces that I thought had fit in one area but didn’t. When you complete a puzzle, you will receive a Holiday greeting.

Depending on the puzzle, some of the backgrounds had more colors and were easier to see, while others were a lot darker. I did find that I would have to sometimes take a quick break as it can sometimes get frustrating. Some puzzle pieces may appear to fit in more than one spot, as I found myself having to try different pieces that seemed to fit in more than one place.

To solve the puzzles, you can manipulate the pieces by using the Wiimote. You can move them around as well as turn them to fit where they belong. The controls appear to be more responsive than Pinocchio’s Puzzle, where the game would not always respond when clicking on a puzzle piece to pick it up.

Great Holiday music plays for each puzzle and it has a very calming effect.

Xmas Puzzle can and should be enjoyed by all members of the family. While one person can use the Wiimote, the others can help by pointing out where different pieces go.

Xmas Puzzle will win you over, piece by piece. An excellent game for any puzzle lover or anyone looking for a fun time by themselves or for the family.

: Nintendo Wii
Developer: EnjoyUp
Publisher: EnjoyUp
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 WiiPoints

Review Score
Beautiful colors and pictures.
Beautiful music that sets the mood for the Holidays.
Controls are very responsive and accurate.
Fun game that offers enough challenge for even the most diehard puzzler out there while allowing the whole family to play.
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