Black Prophecy – Rise of the Boids

Black Prophecy – Rise of the Boids

Black Prophecy, nominated for Best New MMO – 2011 by IGN, released its newest add-on, “Episode 3: Rise of the Boids”. New to the game, the Boids are a robotic race who have been waiting eons for a mysterious, universe-altering event to occur. Though the Boids continue to wait in ritual, players of the epic space combat MMO no longer have to wait for many widely requested features, including a level cap increase to 50,  new story missions, one new warzone, a new open world sector for players level 40 and up, 11 new job missions and a brand new PvE raid system.

Long desired by Black Prophecy players, PvE raids have finally earned a prominent place in the game. Players can form large groups and battle alongside each other through two raids that are the longest, most complex missions the game has seen to date. PvE raids will also culminate in large-scale boss fights that offer unique and epic rewards. 11 new special abilities will also be implemented to bolster team play during each raid.

Along with this major addition, various tweaks have been made to a number of areas, including tutorial mode, missions and mission debriefings, along with improvements to the HUD and mission tracking. With all of these tweaks and new features, “Episode 3: Rise of the Boids” refreshes the overall Black Prophecy experience. While the Boids continue to await the universe-altering events, players will be immediately thrilled with the alterations made to their roles within the Black Prophecy universe.

The latest Black Prophecy expansion, “Episode 3:  Rise of the Boids” is available at



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