Nuclear Dawn – Free Content Update

Nuclear Dawn – Free Content Update

Developer InterWave Studios is announcing the upcoming release of a free content-update for their recently released FPS / RTS hybrid game for PC and Mac “Nuclear Dawn”. The update will go LIVE before the upcoming Free Demo weekend on Steam (17/18 December 2011).

Iceberg Interactive is the Nuclear Dawn retail publisher in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia as well as for worldwide digital download (except Steam).

Erik Schreuder, CEO at Iceberg Interactive says: “Nuclear Dawn is a stunning looking and also deep hybrid game that combines shooter and strategy elements. This requires a bit of studying before booting it up, joining and owning online. This update and in specific the interactive tutorials will ensure that players will absorb tons of details on how to best play the game and that will greatly enhance the player’s and their team’s playing experience.”

The following features are considered the most important adjustments and changes for the Nuclear Dawn content-update:

Main Additions

  • Squad Assist system implemented. Player will now receive additional points for performing healing on their team mates, and for capture resource points together.
  • Saboteur Stealth class introduced. Use Remote Explosive Devices (you may know them as sticky grenades from lesser games) and machine pistols, in conjunction with your Stealth Cloak. Teach your enemies fear of the dark.
  • Four interactive FPS tutorials that cover aspects of class warfare and basic gameplay mechanics
  • Three interactive RTS tutorials that cover all basic Commander functions (minus tactical excellence –  you add that yourselves)
  • Commander Graduate achievement – a special achievement earned by completing all three RTS tutorials. Will give priority in Commander elections in-game, over candidates who did not complete training.
  • Career page added from a main menu link. Track your achievements, check up on your level progress, and manage your unlocks.
  • P900 handgun unlock added.
  • The Steam server browser will now correctly locate and identify Nuclear Dawn servers.
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