Castle Crashers (Review) Playstation 3

Castle Crashers (Review) Playstation 3

Castle Crashers has finally made its way to the Playstation 3. We get to experience something that Xbox 360 users didn’t: a new Volleyball game and an updated Arena mode with additional features (i.e. with new variables to set teams as 2 on 2, 3 on 1, etc.) can be played both online and offline.

First things first though; Castle Crashers is a cell-shaded, action role-playing game. There are very few games that can combine so many different game elements (including humor) and make it work. Frankly it works, and it works really well. Games are great fun and you can choose whatever game you want depending on what game you enjoy playing, if you enjoy playing building games and want to make your own virtual world then minecraft will be the right game for you, you can also check out some minecraft server hosting software to play the game multiplayer with other minecraft users and build a fantastic minecraft community.

Your mission is very simple: you must rescue 4 princesses that were captured. This might sound like an ordinary premise – and Castle Crashers may look like an ordinary hack-n-slasher on the surface- but it actually has role-playing elements that keep the game fresh.

You must level up a knight of your choice, buy items, weapons, and even equipment. As you progress through each stage, you will begin to unlock secrets and hidden characters that can be used later when a new game is started.

Your knight can reach level 99; this adds replay value and hours of additional gameplay if you want your character to reach his full potential. Even if you defeat the single player campaign, there is still a multiplayer option and other online features to explore.

Furthermore, animal orbs are hidden throughout the landscape. Each animal orb has its own bonus or power up, so collecting them will benefit your knight’s survival and help you complete the game.

One feature that really stands out is the ability to replay a previously completed level, allowing you to search for missed items, farm money, or enjoy the stage all over again. Castle Crashers is the type of game that can be enjoyed no matter how many times you’ve completed it. You can spend hours exploring old locations looking for things that you might have missed previously.

Whatever progress you do online will be saved and transferred to offline play, so you are never wasting any time playing online. This is a great feature that should be adopted by other games.

Castle Crashers’ graphics are simple, effective, sharp, and very colorful; they are cell shaded and look beautiful. The music is comical at times and really helps set the mood for some stages. Don’t go in expecting a serious game; CC is full of comical moments that will have you laughing hysterically.

As mentioned earlier at the beginning of this review, Playstation owners receive two bonus games with this version of Castle Crashers – Volleyball and a new Arena mode. If you’re the type of gamer who appreciates sports (especially Volleyball at the beach), then you’re going to enjoy the Volleyball bonus game.

Volleyball is a fun diversion from the hack-n-slash action of the main game, but there is one unsuspecting twist – you still have your weapons. In case you’re wondering, you can attack your opponents. It is possible to get a foul by hitting your opponent, so don’t think you can get away with it without penalty. When you get a foul, the opposing team gains a point for your misconduct. Volleyball can be played either online or offline.

The second bonus game is Arena mode. Arena mode allows you to partake in arena matches without having to play the actual game. You can select Arena Mode from the main menu to enter an arena battle match. You have the choice to play either online or offline in the arena matches. It’s very simple, but can be a lot of fun once you get into it.

You can pick up Castle Crashers for $14.99 in the Playstation Network Store. At $14.99, you’re getting quite a bargain. Castle Crashers is a unique experience that no Playstation 3 gamer should be without.

James “Daripp3r” Pittaro
Platform: Playstation 3
Developer / Publisher: The Behemoth

Review Score
Castle Crashers’ graphics are clean, sharp, and very colorful.
The music is cute; it fits the stages and its pleasant to listen to.
The story is crazy and zany, and it is certainly one of a kind. The game is very involving and there is never a dull moment.
This is the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. Castle Crashers is very fun to play. If you have a few Playstation Network buddies, Castle Crashers makes for an excellent party game.
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