Trine 1.07 Patch Released

Trine 1.07 Patch Released

Trine retail patch 1.07 released
New trailer showcases the free DLC level “Path to New Dawn”

Helsinki, Finland – 6 May 2010 – Finnish game developer Frozenbyte is happy to announce the release of the Patch 1.07 to the PC retail version of Trine, its award-winning action-platformer game. Patch 1.07 includes the free DLC level “Path to New Dawn”. Frozenbyte has also created a new trailer to accompany the release of the patch.

Path to New Dawn is a unique level with new visuals and challenging gameplay, especially on Very Hard difficulty setting. It also features 10 special items for the player to collect. The level is unlocked and available in the Select level menu once the game has been completed.

Patch 1.07 also includes a couple of minor additions to the game, such as visible experience bottle information in the Inventory menu for treasure hunters. The patch comes hot in the heels of Patch 1.06, released in April, which among other things removed copy-protection from certain retail versions of the game and improved multi-keyboard and mice support and featured many smaller tweaks and fixes.

The patch can be downloaded from the official website at where the new trailer is also available.

Full patch 1.07 notes:

NEW CONTENT: FREE DLC level – “Path to New Dawn” (available upon completion of the game)
– thanks for playing Trine and supporting Frozenbyte!

* adds information about experience and secrets to the Inventory menu
* adds version number information to the main menu
* adds print screen bind for screenshots (F11 & PrtScn both save screenshots to \screenshots)
* adds failsafe for unlocking Very Hard difficulty

* fixes a respawn bug in Iron Forge (co-op) near the first gate
* fixes missing cursor in the game over menu when playing co-op with gamepads

* note: Re-enables high quality videos for Radeon 5×00 Series cards, works flawlessly now

For more information on Trine, please visit the official website at .

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