Deep Blue Sea 2 Now Available (Press Release)

Deep Blue Sea 2 Now Available (Press Release)

The Game Equation today announced the launch of new match-3 puzzle game, Deep Blue Sea 2. In Deep Blue Sea 2, players dive underwater to collect buried treasures and ancient artifacts before their tank runs out of air. Players can progress through over 200 levels of match-3 puzzle levels that are easy-to-learn, yet challenging. Players will also explore three different hand-painted hidden object locations with hundreds of levels. This sequel to the original hit game, Deep Blue Sea, offers fresh match-3 puzzle components, such as board rotations, that divers must use to their advantage to maneuver sea critters and direct treasure and artifacts towards exit slots. Check out the full version of Deep Blue Sea 2and test out the free demo, here:

Deep Blue Sea 2 extends beyond the typical casual games genre with a captivating storyline that creates a sense of adventure. In Deep Blue Sea 2, players will uncover a mysterious plot surrounding the sudden disappearance of a treasure hunter, Jessica, cast in the original game title. Along the way, players will meet new characters and assemble a crew of colorful divers, each bringing specific skills to aid in increasingly difficult dives. As players collect treasure, they will also be able to purchase new diving equipment, tools and upgrades for future missions.

“We wanted to create a casual game that entertains and enchants both beginners and long-time casual gamers by offering challenging puzzles embedded in an immersive storyline that draws players into the underwater world,” said Brian Meidell, founder of The Game Equation. “We combined updated puzzle components, opportunities for power-ups, an engaging story and detailed graphics to create an original experience that is deeper than the typical casual game.”

For more information and to play the Deep Blue Sea 2 demo, please

About The Game Equation

The Game Equation develops casual and indie games for Windows and Mac OS X. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company was founded in 2007 and is currently led by Brian Meidell. Meidell is an experienced developer who worked in the mainstream gaming industry for years prior to developing casual games. The Game Equation has created several casual game titles, including the original Deep Blue Sea match-3 puzzler and Constellations. For more information please

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