Doom Night III Announced for March 26th, 2010

Doom Night III Announced for March 26th, 2010

Doom fans, we know you are out there, prepare for a fight. Stand tall, dust off your helmets, cinch the armor on a little tighter and check your aim at the door. That sound of gunfire you hear in the distance is Doom Night III.  DMIII is based on the oldstyle play and enjoyment that the Doom series had in spades.

Doom originally not capable of online play, sure you had LAN and direct play available. id, Doom’s creaters, left Doom pretty open to modders, for proof just check out some of the sites devoted to Doom mods and levels. Eventually id took this opennes one step farther when they released the source code for free to the world.

That brings us to Doom Night III. See DMIII is just an event for fans to get together and shoot like it is 1994 again. Using a hacked version of Doom, thanks to the source code being made available, called Skulltag. Skulltag is the culmination of many disperate things like online gameplay and some graphics and sound mods.

Doom Night III, as the name suggests, is the third event in this series. On Friday March 26th, 2010 anyone joining the fight will have a chance to take on members of The Retro League, Tigerclaw Radio, Retroware TV, Out-of-Print Archive and yes, members of the editorial team here at Pixel Perfect Gaming.

Pixel Perect Gaming and Tigerclaw Radio, with special thanks to The Retro League, are teaming up to offer a copy of the original shareware version of Doom on 2 3 1/2 inch floppies in the cardboard fliptop box. I have never seen this version before so it may be rarer. Collector’s out there pay attention here, how many copies that are complete like this do you know of? Here is your chance to win a copy playing a game you already love!

The needed details are below:

For those that don’t have a copy of Doom you can get a copy from Steam for $10.

Also, you will need a freeware program called Skulltag, available here.

And the server details:

Server Name:
[FR] SuperGod’s Server #20 >> Free For All – Buckshot : Skulltag <<

Here is a shot of the prize that the winner will receive (that is the person in second place since I plan on winning):

If you want more information on this contest then check out Critical Failure’s Forums.


If you are going to be a part of this event and plan on playing for the prize, please, post here your screen name in the game (hit the “`” key by the number 1 at the top left of your keyboard and type “name then your name” to change it).

The event will start at about 7 pm Eastern Standard Time.

If you are the winner at the end of the night, let me know here if you signed up here (we are running this on multiple sites to bring in as much competition as possible).

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