Max and the Magic Marker Marks Up PC, Mac and WiiWare

Max and the Magic Marker Marks Up PC, Mac and WiiWare

Press Play, an independent Danish developer, has just released Max & the Magic Marker on WiiWare. Max is a return to 2D gaming goodness that we all love (Right? If so, support these guys and others like them!). Taking on levels that feature obstacles and artwork inspired by children’s drawings, gamers will definitely have never had an experience like this.

Unique gameplay here includes using the magic marker to find solutions to puzzles, ways around obstacles and to even defeat the enemies that stand in your way. How do you do this you ask? Why by drawing freehand in the gameworld! When you draw something, it becomes a real object in the game (need a box to reach a higher ledge? Draw one!). Ink is a rare and much needed commodity so don’t go too wild with your drawings.

This play mechanic is taken to a whole new level with the Nintendo Wii version that supports point functionality and even two handed controls (the nunchuk controls Max and the Wii Remote controls your magic marker).

Features include:
• 15 inventive and puzzling levels
• Unique drawing control in a truly dynamic physics environment
• 3 beautiful worlds inspired by children’s drawings
• Death traps, monsters, and challenging puzzles
• Unlockable challenges, secrets and rewards
• Original and awesome soundtrack by Analogik

Several awards have already been won by Max & the Magic Marker including, the Unity Awards “Best Overall Game”, the EIGA (European Innovative Games Award) for “Innovative Game Design” that Press Play will be presented with at the 2010 Independent Games Festival (IGF). Also, Press Play was named “Talent of the Year 2009” at the Danish Game Awards ceremony.

Max & the Magic Marker by Press Play – website
Platform: Wii, PC and Mac
Rated: E for Everyone
Due: Now
Price: $20
Distribution: Direct2Drive (Mac version here), Impulse, Gamersgate (Mac version here) and Press Play’s own site
Demo available

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