Mega Man 10 Prepares for DLC (Find Out What, Right Here)

Mega Man 10 Prepares for DLC (Find Out What, Right Here)

Mega Man 10, the latest in the venerable platform independent classic game, has just been released on WiiWare and it already is making waves with the announcement of Bass coming soon as a playable character! Using a weapon called the Bass Buster, Bass brings a slightly different gameplay element than that of Mega Man, even though Dr. Wily designed Bass with the capabilities of Mega Man in the design document.

The Bass Buster has the unique ability to fire in 7 directions and also brings the strategic use of shooting down enemy attacks. The BB is not the only trick that Bass has in his arsenal, this Mega Man doppleganger of sorts can also do the dash to avoid enemies and can even take on the powers of bosses that he defeats (told you he was built in the image of Mega Man).

Bass will be released on April 5th, 2010 for 200 Wii Points so get ready and practice while you can. Surely there will be more DLC for MM10 announced in the coming months.

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And now the pics:

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