Perfect Dark Hitting XBLA This March

Perfect Dark Hitting XBLA This March

Over at the X10 event, Microsoft confirmed that there Nintendo 64 port of Perfect Dark will be arriving this March on the Xbox Live Arcade.

This remake will be using the same geometry as the original Nintendo 64 version from back in the day. There will be an increase of polygons, along with full 1080p support and all running at a steady 60 fps.

Perfect Dark will also include new online features such as co-op, counter-op, multiplayer along with other challenges. They decided to keep most of the original Nintendo 64 control scheme, but 4J Studio’s has also modernized for today’s gamer market.

If you are a fan of Perfect Dark, or just happen to love first-person shooters; then you won’t want to pass this one up for only 800 ms points.

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