Painkiller Resurrection from JoWood

Painkiller Resurrection from JoWood

JoWood Productions is preparing to unleash Painkiller Resurrection onto PC gamers on the 27th of October (just in time for Halloween).

PR is the newest game in the Painkiller series following a new character named William “Bill” Sherman and his struggles in purgatory (a not so nice place to be) after failing at his old profession as an assassin (he did complete the job but he ended up killing many innocent people and well, himself so he is in a bind here).  No prior knowledge of the Painkiller games is needed to enjoy this release.

Painkiller Resurrection uses the PK 2.0 engine (there are many improvements over the previous revision of the engine that make the game better than previous entries.

Painkiller Resurrection website

Due: October 27th 2009 for PC

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