GNET Radio Releases Their First On Air Game Review

GNET Radio Releases Their First On Air Game Review
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Gamer Network Radio has just released their first ever On Air Game Review over on their site.  What is the featured game that earned this high honor?  Zombie Apocalypse of course!  GNET Underground was the place that the zombie infestation was held back by courageous DJ’s Al and Harmack holed up in the Gamer Network Studios.  We here at Pixel Perfect Gaming are concerned about our media partner GNET Radio and them making it through this alive (our own DaRipp3r barely survived the onslaught).  Zombies are coming!  Were DJ Al and DJ Harmack successful in staying alive one more day or were they taken down before they made it past the last night?

Grab the podcast release of the first On Air Game Review and find out…

Status transmission received from GNET Radio

Zombie Apocalypse Podcast Review

Pixel Perfect Gaming Review of Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse at

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