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  • Battle Princess of Arcadias (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on August 20, 2014 under PS3, Reviews
    Battle Princess of Arcadias is an action role-playing game that places you in the role of Princess Plume, a hardened battle princess that has sworn to protect her kingdom and loyal subjects from danger. To our heroine's dismay, however -  a 'great' evil takes the kingdom by surprise, decimating everything and everyone in its path. Plume vows vengeance against the great evil, but she must rebuild ... more.
  • Diablo III Reaper of Souls (Review) PC

    Posted by on April 29, 2014 under PC, Reviews
    The highly anticipated expansion pack for Diablo 3 has finally arrived, and it breathes new life into Blizzard’s popular action role-playing game. It includes a plethora of side quests and  dungeons that will keep you busy for hours. Moreover, the Reaper of Souls returns to its roots by reviving the classic gameplay feel of Diablo 2 with new enemy encounters and rare loot. Keeping the core g... more.
  • Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (Review) PC

    Posted by on January 23, 2014 under PC, Reviews
    Deadly Premonition is a PlayStation 3 release that has made its way to the Windows PC platform. To the dismay of gamers, this port had a very rocky launch on Steam. Gamers went to the official Steam forums to complain about in-game glitches that affected gameplay. Some of these glitches include unexplainable crashes and poor performance on high-end gaming rigs. Rising Star Games listened to the... more.
  • Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on December 31, 2013 under PS3, Reviews
    Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match is a 2D fighting game based on a collaborative effort with Leaf to use character IPs from the following JRPGs -  Utawarerumono, Tears to Tiara and To Heart. Developed by Examu, Aquapazza merges these characters into a universe teeming with combos, partner assists and mind-blowing finishing moves called 'Splash Arts'. Like most fighting games, Aquapazza includes ... more.
  • Diablo III (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on October 4, 2013 under PS3, Reviews
    Blizzard's world-renowned action role-playing game, Diablo III,  has finally made the transition to Playstation 3 after being released on PC the year before. The end result is a near-perfect port that does the franchise justice As the hero, you are sent to investigate a star that falls from the heavens and hits Tristram Cathedral, burying itself beneath the building’s foundation. Decker Cain... more.
  • Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on May 21, 2013 under PS3, Reviews
    Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut  places you in the role of FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan as he investigates the murder of Anna Graham in the quiet town of Greenvale. With the assistance of local Sheriff George Woodman and his deputy Emily Wyatt, the trio work tirelessly to find the person responsible for Anna's death. As details to the murder unfold, a string of new victims appear ... more.
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on March 19, 2013 under PS3, Reviews
    Considered a true sequel by 20th Century Fox, Aliens Colonial Marines occurs just seventeen weeks after the tragic events at LV-426. As Winter, a search-and-rescue Colonial Marine, you are sent in with a new group of marines to investigate a distress signal sent by the USS Sulaco. Fans of the original movie will appreciate Gearbox's attention to detail as they painstakingly recreated the enviro... more.
  • Clan of Champions (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on December 22, 2012 under PS3, Reviews
    Clan of Champions is actually the third game in a series of Gladiator games by developer Acquire. Released recently on Steam for PC, and now available for Playstation 3 on PSN, Clan of Champions is an arena-based fighting game where 3 vs 3 battles occur. The game is based on RPG elements where your champion's skills level during combat. Before you can enter the arena and fight for your cause, y... more.
  • Legasista (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on September 27, 2012 under PS3, Reviews
    The Ivy Tower was once a place of scientific advancement before it was abandoned over a thousand years ago. The tower fell into ruin once people began to believe that technology was an ancient magic. As Alto, you must enter the tower to retrieve the Almighty Ancient Weapon Melize to free his sister, Mari, from a curse. With the aid of T48R-B, an android manager who guards the tower, our adventurer... more.
  • Yakuza Dead Souls (Review) Playstation 3

    Posted by on April 10, 2012 under PS3, Reviews
    Kamurocho city is now a war zone infested with biological experiments and the flesh-eating undead. Survivors have either made it to safety outside the quarantine zone or they continue to survive in small groups throughout the city. Things weren't always this way for the city of Kamurocho. A prelude to the events are seen through the eyes of Akiyama, owner of Sky Finance. As he takes his daily w... more.
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