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  • Atari XP Launches 50th Anniversary 2600 Cartridge Collection; Two Iconic Titles Lead-Off the New Series

    Posted by on June 28, 2022 under Atari VCS, Euro, News
    Atari revealed today a new series of collectible cartridges for the Atari 2600 commemorating the company’s 50th Anniversary. The series of ten cartridges, featuring Atari’s most iconic titles, will launch over the next six months, beginning with fan favorites Adventure and Missile Command, now available for preorder on the Atari XP official website and on Limited Run Games. The limited edit... more.
  • Tempest 4000 (Feature Review) Atari VCS

    Posted by on April 19, 2022 under Atari VCS, Euro, News, Reviews
    Jeff Minter is a popular game developer in Atari gaming circles. His love for animals - especially lamas - have played a major role in his celebrity, which goes way back to the 1980s when he founded Llamasoft to develop games for 8-bit microcomputers. His resume of games include popular titles such as Attack of the Mutant Camels, Gridrunner and the vector-based arcade shooter, Tempest, among many ... more.
  • Yars’ Return, Saboteur, & Aquaventure – Final Design of Ultra-Sleek Atari XP Limited Edition Cartridges

    Posted by on April 11, 2022 under Atari VCS, Euro, News
    Today, iconic interactive entertainment producer Atari unveils the final design of its upcoming limited edition Atari 2600 cartridges for Yars’ Return, Saboteur, and Aquaventure, all of which are getting the Atari XP treatment — and officially shipping — in May 2022.  Sporting a visual design that departs entirely from the square label of the original Atari 2600 cartridges, the limit... more.
  • Tempest 4000 Available Now on Atari VCS and Nintendo Switch

    Posted by on March 22, 2022 under Atari VCS, Euro, News, Switch
    It’s time to feed your head to the web — again! Today, iconic video game publisher Atari announced the Atari VCS and Nintendo Switch launch of Tempest 4000, the critically acclaimed, hyper-kinetic latest entry to one of the most popular arcade games of all time!  In Tempest 4000, the powerful Claw spacecraft returns, fully equipped to destroy deadly creatures and other obstructions wit... more.
  • Tempest 4000 Comes to Atari VCS & Nintendo Switch this Spring

    Posted by on February 24, 2022 under Atari VCS, Euro, News, PC, Switch
    In Tempest 4000, players once again face screaming electric death as they take control of the Claw, a powerful spacecraft equipped to destroy deadly creatures and other obstructions with rapid-fire shots on vibrant geometric prisms. With three game modes to choose from and 100 levels to conquer, players must eliminate all enemies as quickly as possible to survive and achieve that coveted spot at t... more.
  • The Atari VCS Launches Over a Dozen New Games — November Games Round-Up

    Posted by on November 18, 2021 under Atari VCS, Euro, News, PC
    Today, Atari highlighted a number of new games now available on the all-new Atari VCS Videogame Computer System. November’s roster of freshly launched titles includes a mix of revived classic Atari 7800 games, popular indie smash-hits, and a handful of hidden gems just waiting to become your new favorite pastime. Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan — Now Available A true love letter to ... more.