I Shall Remain – Gameplay Footage

I Shall Remain – Gameplay Footage

The I Shall Remain (ISR) development team went against the explicit instructions of their producer and leaked a Gameplay video from the game’s Survival challenge. In the video the game’s character fights through some horrible looking creatures with an M1-Garand, an axe and a BAR-1918. The video also highlights many of the game’s advancements since it released a demo back in February. ISR is an action-RPG that attempts to shatter the norms of the traditional top-down zombie shooter.

ISR’s Producer Jacob Way was fuming about the leak and said he was considering flying to Europe where he could hammer-stomp the thumbs of his lead software developer, Eugen Udrea, who was responsible for the leak. “Try game programming when you can’t use your space-bar,” Way said.

Way knew about the creation of the video since the beginning of the month, but had told the development team not to release them for another ten days. His explanation was that he was holding in several game aspects close to his chest in order to really throw off players who purchased the game when it released earlier this week. In the video zombies are picking up weapons and shooting back. “People have been expecting this game to be an ordinary zombie shooter,” he said. “They’re wrong.”

I Shall Remain is a creation of five programmers and artists that chime in remotely to the directions of a Marine Sergeant turned indie-game producer, Jacob Way who started the ISR game project while he was deployed overseas back in 2010 and now continues to lead its development out of his barracks room situated on a base in Oahu, Hawaii.

“I do love my development team. Leading them has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. They’ve made me successful,” Way said afterward. “I know of hardly anyone my age whose been able to pull off a game development like this. With that said, I still want Eugen’s thumbs.”

Official Website: http://www.ishallremain.com/index.php

Desura: http://www.desura.com/games/i-shall-remain


Gameplay Footage:


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