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  • Saw (Review)

    Posted by on October 11, 2009 under Xbox 360
    The most anticipated horror movie of the past couple of years finally makes its debut as a video game. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am talking about Saw -- one of the most violent horror movies in recent memory, and you wouldn’t think a game carrying its namesake would live up to the reputation. It’s true; I had my doubts about Saw, but it has to be one of the best movie-to-game tr... more.
  • Shockwave.com Releases Two New Games

    Posted by on October 10, 2009 under PC
    Shockwave.com has just released two new games for their fans, Cake Mania: Main Street ($6.99) and Drift 'n' Burn 365 (free). Cake Mania is known to many many gamers worldwide, what is special about Main Street?  You still play Jill Evans but you are now trying to save her hometown of Bakersfield that has quickly become a ghost town after a corporate super-mall called Baker's Corner opened up n... more.
  • Forza 3 Launch Day Content

    Posted by on October 10, 2009 under Xbox 360
    Racing fans and car lovers the world over are counting down the days until the much anticipated release of “Forza Motorsport 3” on Oct. 27 , exclusively for Xbox 360. With the finish line in sight, Turn 10 and Microsoft are looking toward the winner’s circle as they officially release the game’s full list of cars and tracks on Forzamotorsport.net . On launch day, that list will grow even l... more.
  • Super Street Fighter IV Update (New Screenshots)

    Posted by on October 10, 2009 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    Capcom has released additional screenshots of SSFIV in action; check them out: ... more.
  • EA’s MysteryMania for Iphone (Screenshots)

    Posted by on October 10, 2009 under Uncategorized
    ... more.
  • Capcom’s Bomblink for Iphone

    Posted by on October 10, 2009 under Uncategorized
    In BombLink, layers of bombs appear from the bottom of the screen, each with a fuse attached. Move from grenade to grenade and chain fuses together with a flick of the screen. When the falling flame from either side of the playing board comes into contact with a fuse, the bomb explodes and so do any other connected bombs. Key features Features: • Contend with a variety of explosive shapes: ... more.
  • A Boy and His Blob Special Gameplay Footage

    Posted by on October 10, 2009 under WII
    Concluding Majesco's Blob Month is this very special video featuring footage of a battle with the "Beast" boss.  If  you are interested in A Boy and His Blob thinking it is just another "platformer" of sorts then watch this video and see the exceptional gameplay involved (this is not your normal, run to the right game). A Boy and His Blob website Majesco for Nintendo Wii Due: October 13th ... more.
  • Cake Mania 3 for Nintendo DS Announced

    Posted by on October 10, 2009 under Portables
    Follow Jill Evans on her quest to fix the mess that has occurred right before her wedding day.  To fix the loss of her friends and family to a "timebender" that crashed into the floor of her house Jill will have to travel through time and bake cakes throughout history. Cake Mania 3 features over 80 new levels and 6 new bakery time periods to enjoy.  Gamers will be able to customize their kitc... more.
  • The Dark Side of NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 revealed

    Posted by on October 9, 2009 under WII
    Tomy has just released some details (pics and video) of five Akatsuki characters from the new NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 for Nintendo Wii, due November 17th. Itachi Uchiha makes good use of his clones in battle, as well as a healthy dose of genjutsu. One of his unique attacks is the aerial crow-kunai; it's unique because instead of simply throwing them at the enemy, he telepo... more.
  • Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem Coming to Nintendo WiiWare

    Posted by on October 9, 2009 under WII
    Hudsone Entertainment is preparing to release Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem for Nintendo WiiWare this Fall, Shootanto is rated E10+.  Gamers will be able to partake in evolutionary battles in this mix of classic shooters with E.V.O. (another evolutionary game released years ago on the Super Nintendo by Square Enix that was more a platformer). Shootanto will have gamers starting as an ape and ba... more.
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