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  • Silk Road has Fun with Halloween too

    Posted by on October 30, 2009 under PC
    Joymax, publishers of the free to play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for those that have been under a rock for the last 10 or so years) are offering some Halloween specific costumes for player characters. The Countess gown offers elegance and appeal for female players looking to be chic while kicking butt.  The second costume available to players is the Duke outfit, co... more.
  • Target Having a Sale Worth Checking Out

    Posted by on October 30, 2009 under News, PC, Portables, PS3, WII, Xbox 360
    Target, a major retailer in the US is having a sale worth actually caring about (actually two of them).  This week only, you can pick up 3 Nintendo Wii games for the price of 2 (that is a buy 2 get one free from select titles sale for anyone that is confused). Starting November 3rd, this coming Tuesday, buyers will be able to get a Target Giftcard for $5 up to $100 on select purchases (for exa... more.
  • Tomena Sanner (Nintendo Wii — WiiWare) Gameplay Video

    Posted by on October 30, 2009 under News
    Tomena Sanner is an odd title by Konami for Nintendo Wii. Check it out: ... more.
  • Zombpocalypse (Review) WARNING – Teen rated content inside

    Posted by on October 30, 2009 under PC
    There is nothing scarier than a mob of flesh-eating zombies looking for their next meal. As a big zombie horror movie fan, and a self-proclaimed Resident Evil guru, I was intrigued by developer Inland Studios’ Zombpocalypse. Picture a game of Smash TV (without the boss battles), toss in some flesh-eating undead, various weapons, and horror movie environments like dark subways, warehouses, and ... more.
  • Atlantica Now Available in Germany

    Posted by on October 30, 2009 under Euro, PC
    Ndoors, publishers of Atlantica, have just announced that they now have an office in Germany and Atlantica has been released in Open Beta format. Check this quote by SeongWan Cho, CEO of Ndoors Corporation about the recent expansion into Europe. “The European market holds so much potential when it comes to online games.  Open Beta for our German client is just the beginning of our expans... more.
  • 7 Wonders II Now Available on Nintendo DS/DSi (For Our European Fans)

    Posted by on October 30, 2009 under Euro, Portables
    7 Wonders II is now available to our European readers through Avanquest Software on the Nintendo DS/DSi.  7 Wonders II is a portable version of the PC edition that has taken over the world with it's seemingly simple gameplay of matching three pieces and moving the needed building blocks down to the workers.  Then you hit the first power up, maybe it is a "slider" that destroys one line, or it is... more.
  • Kung Fu II (PC Review)

    Posted by on October 30, 2009 under PC
    Kung Fu II was created for the Retro Remakes Competition of 2008.  KFII is a remake of the NES classic Kung Fu, which is actually a port of the arcade classic Kung Fu Master by Irem. The original game had hero Thomas fighting through a multi-level dojo to save his girlfriend Sylvia from the clutches of Mr. X. The game mechanics were pretty basic; Thomas could punch, kick, foot-sweep, and crouch p... more.
  • Burda:ic Announces Halloween Themed Items for Florensia

    Posted by on October 30, 2009 under PC
    Burda:ic, publisher of Florensia a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) has just announced that they have many Halloween themed items now available to gamers in the various item shops in the game.  Players will be able to dress as many characters for Halloween including mainstays like skeletons and mummies along with many newer costumes (one is featured in the pics below). A... more.

    Posted by on October 29, 2009 under News
    KONAMI ANNOUNCES TOMENA SANNER FOR NINTENDO WiiWare Players Must Race to the Ultimate 2D Dance Party In Wacky Downloadable Side-Scroller El Segundo, Calif. – October 29, 2009 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced Tomena Sanner, an upcoming downloadable game for Nintendo WiiWare™. Based on the popular title released in Japan, Tomena Sanner challenges players to run through wa... more.
  • Genesis of the Gods: Your mission: save the world

    Posted by on October 29, 2009 under PC
    Genesis of the Gods, is based on Hesiod's Theogony: the oldest and most important account of the creation of the Greek gods. It's a love story against the backdrop of primeval battles between gods and Titans, where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Genesis of the Gods has * more romance than ever before * more characterization * more conflict * more puzzle types - flying,... more.
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