Unepic, New Action RPG, Coming to Nintendo Wii U

Unepic, New Action RPG, Coming to Nintendo Wii U

Unepic is an action role-playing that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. As a normal video gamer named Daniel, you are teleported to a castle filled with creatures and enormous bosses. Daniel believes his adventure is the effect of a hallucinogenic drug that was poured into his beer by his friends, but he soon realizes what he is experiencing is real.

Unepic includes weapons and armor, a massive inventory system, spells, a potion crafting system, a full character stat page, pets and quests.

- RPG 2D platform game.
- 200 rooms to explore.
- 7 bosses to kill.
- 70 spells to learn.
- 100 different weapons.
- Impressive lighting engine.
- Funny story and funny dialogs (more than 2000 lines)
- References to other games, films, comic…
- Full RPG character sheet.
- Quests.
- Character sheet with upgrading skills.
- Potions (craft your own potions) + scrolls + rings + magic weapons + magic artifacts
- Pets.

- Statistics (best strikes can be uploaded to worldwide raking table).
- 3 different ends.
- 4 levels of difficulty.
- Hidden treasures.
- Castle map where you can write down your own notes.
- Statistics.

Unepic’s Official Website

Unepic Gameplay Trailer:

Unepic Screenshots:

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