Outbuddies DX Landing on PS4 Today

Outbuddies DX Landing on PS4 Today

Headup announced that Outbuddies DX, a pixelated 2D adventure game in the spirit of the classic ‘Metroid’ games, is available now on the PlayStation®Store for $17.99 (€17.99, £14.99).
After the PC release of “Outbuddies” in 2019, the developer Julian Laufer used the feedback from countless Metroid-enthusiasts and core speedrunners to improve the game in all respects to create a vastly improved version of his passionate game, which was now released on PS4.
Fans of the Metroidvania genre can look forward to a feature-packed adventure with several hours of exploration. Outbuddies DX takes place in a huge interconnected world filled with environmental hazards, hostile creatures and gigantic bosses. And it adds two special features: you explore the world with the help of your ever-trustworthy robot sidekick who scouts and manipulates the surroundings through hacking, scanning, and telekinesis. Furthermore, the local co-op mode allows a second player to control that sidekick with an expanded tool set, perfectly suited for co-operational speedruns.
On your own or together, you’ll discover various ancient weapon systems and gear upgrades to battle through a gigantic sunken labyrinth with a non-linear gear-based progression system for both combat and level-layouts.
Outbuddies DX unique atmosphere is supported by OGRE’s thematic soundtrack written as an ode to the 16-bit Mega Drive/Genesis era.

PS4 Release Trailer:


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