Rival Megagun – Physical Edition Details

Rival Megagun – Physical Edition Details

Rival Megagun‘s limited physical Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch Release release as a collaborative effort of Degica Games and First Press Games was first teased in Winter 2019. Now, the full details of the release are finally available!

The release is scheduled for June of 2020 and will be available in two Editions for each platform. Preorders open on 7PM CET/1PM EST 7th February of 2020 and can be ordered directly from First Press Games: [Link to store]

The game will receive two Editions for each Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, one being a standard Regular Edition and the other one being a dedicated Collector’s Edition.

Each Edition comes with the following extras:
DLC-free Blu-ray/cartridge of the game
60+ pages in-depth manual in full color
case sheet with interior art
sleeve packaging with specially varnished surface
a collector coin, with unique production number of each game

The Collector’s Edition offers a variety of additional extras:
tournament board game with full set of ingame-trading card replicas
soundtrack on CD (Made in Japan)
clear files with print extras: A2 poster, alternate cover sheets & more

The release will be available in the following quantities:
Switch – Regular Edition 3000 pcs, Collector Edition 1500 pcs
PS4 – Regular Edition 2000 pcs, Collector Edition 500 pcs
Exclusively available from First Press Games:[Link to store]

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