Conglomerate 451 Receives Massive Update in Anticipation of Full Launch

Conglomerate 451 Receives Massive Update in Anticipation of Full Launch

Cyberpunk first-person dungeon crawler, Conglomerate 451 receives a massive update today, that adds a ton of new content to further expand its world and enrich players’ options for eradicating crime in the corrupted sector 451. Since its launch in Early Access earlier this year, 1C Entertainment and developer RuneHeads have stayed loyal to their plan, constantly improving and updating the game with new features, new content and several gameplay additions – always in cooperation with the faithful community who have been providing valuable feedback since day one!

With today’s update, the below list includes all the key additions that have been made to Conglomerate 451 so far:


Loot System (SPUs) and Sockets in the Equipment

Narks and Black Market in the city

Drugs, Intoxication, and Disorders

Hack Enemies

Drone and special skills

Skill Mastered


Cyber Graveyard and After Life Technology

Difficulty Levels

New Perk System

New AIM System

Boss Fights


20 New Enemies

4 New Characters 

3 New Locations

10 Mutations

30 Effects and Buffs / Debuffs

2 Minigames

Combined with the extra 10% off its Early Access price ($15.99 USD / 15.99 EUR) and before it is raised to $19.99 USD (19.99 EUR) starting from Friday, September 27 in preparation for its full launch, there is no better time to hack into the cyberpunk world of Conglomerate!

Conglomerate 451 is out now on Steam Early Access, with a full launch planned for later this year. For more information, be sure to check out the game on Steam and follow RuneHeads and 1C Entertainment on Twitter.

Official Website:

Early Access – Launch Trailer:

Debut Trailer:



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