Degica Games and OneShot Team at Anime Expo

Degica Games and OneShot Team at Anime Expo
Degica Games are coming back once again to Los Angeles!  This time, we’re bringing even MORE titles.  Some new releases, some highly anticipated upcoming games, and even 2 never seen before titles.
And for the first time ever at an event, the entire OneShot development team will be on site at the Degica booth.  They would LOVE to meet you so do come by, say hello, and pick up OFFICIAL OneShot merchandise.
Speaking of merchandise, we’ve got some AMAZING deals on Limited Edition games (no really, great deals on physical games that you can’t get anywhere else), T-Shirts, and more.
Every day we will be holding a contest or tournament and giving away prizes.
Anime Expo 2018 Game List:

Groove CoasterKoihime Enbu RyuoRaLRal

 Copy Kitty

Game Tengoku CruisinMix

Hatsune Vr

One Shot

Revial Megagun

Senko No Ronde 2

Space Invaders Extreme

Visual Novel Maker

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