Lode Runner Legacy: Tozai Updates – Now Live

Lode Runner Legacy: Tozai Updates – Now Live

Are you ready to run? Lode Runner Legacy, the latest installment of the classic 1983 Lode Runner series on PC, has just launched Version 2.0! The update introduces a host of new features for players to enjoy, including a new play mode: local multiplayer co-op, which allows players the chance to team up with their friends to take down enemies. Lode Runner Legacy is available to download on Steam for a new price: $11.99 USD/EU 11.99/JP ¥1200. Lode Runner Legacy also debuted recently for Nintendo Switch.   

In addition to the co-op play, the Level Editor has been updated to a new Craft Mode, which allows players to create their own character to use in the entirety of the game. Along with the new features, the update will improve UI functionality.

Players can also enjoy Extra Mode, which introduces new levels and new enemies. But watch out! These enemies have unique new movements that can have a variety of unexpected effects, like destroying blocks and self-destructing. These enemies will be available to utilize in Craft Mode.

Official Website: http://www.tozaigames.com/legacy/sw/
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/628660/Lode_Runner_Legacy/

Debut Trailer:


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