Ranged and Melee Combatants Shine in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Gameplay Video

Ranged and Melee Combatants Shine in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Gameplay Video

With the launch of their upcoming tactical RPG Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena approaching quickly, developers Camex Games have released a new trailer showcasing the various melee and ranged characters players will be able to both battle and befriend in the game. Get a closer look at long-range characters like the archer Elsa, as she strikes from a distance with her bow, or watch the fanged fiend Dracula get up-close to his enemies and drain them of their precious life force!

Fast, powerful, and deadly, physical melee attackers in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena like Wukong, Nobu, and Dracula are high-damage dealers. These characters are ones that excel on the front line and are the first to send into enemy territory, turning the tide of battle with a few well-timed bashes or slashes. Physical melee characters are built to play to their individual strengths, and often have skills that enhance their durability or attack power. Whether players are looking for a brawler with a high DPS who can make the enemy shake with fear as they see them coming, or a burly tank to draw enemy attention from long-range fighters and soak up damage, melee characters are a must. And speaking of those long-range fighters…

Ranged fighters are the Yin to the melee fighters’ Yang, and a key component of a balanced team in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena. Characters like Elsa, Hunka, and Eloi use their long-range prowess to strike from a distance. With battles taking place on a hex grid, players have a wide range of motion and angles of attack during matches. This fluidity of movement makes ranged fighters invaluable, as they can attack from nearly any distance or position, ignoring obstacles on the battlefield. Their skills complement their play styles, and can help players become an agitator that distracts enemies from afar with quick projectiles, or a sniper that takes out foes like a bolt from the blue.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a tactical RPG focusing on fast-action and deep, yet quick, turn-based PvP matches with players around the world. Players battle not only for bragging rights, but for gold, medals and unlockable cards which grant the player rare items and additional combat characters. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena will launch on PC and mobile (Android, iOS) first, with other platforms to be announced.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Gameplay Trailer:

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