Football Manager 2018 – “Fantasy Draft Improvements”

Football Manager 2018 – “Fantasy Draft Improvements”

Join Joe Thomlinson, from Football Daily, as he talks us through the mode that lets you live out your football dream team fantasies in Football Manager 2018, in Sports Interactives Fantasy Draft feature video, here: <insert link>

This year’s Fantasy Draft mode features a new user interface that’s been designed specifically with streamers in mind. With a more streamlined UI, and more focus given to the centre of the screen, players will be able to stream their fantasy team’s exploits via the in-game social media controls, clearly and easily.

Football Manager 2018’s Fantasy Draft also has some brand-new options, including custom player pools to draft from and increased maximum budget. Essentially, this means you can tailor the Fantasy Draft experience for you and your friends within an increased number of parameters and make the draft process a lot slicker.

You can take your Fantasy Draft teams through multiple seasons now and players won’t age or retire, meaning you can play for as many seasons as you wish. It really is one of the best ways to experience Football Manager 2018 with friends, so be sure to check it out in the upcoming beta! Details below.

For more information about Football Manager, or to pre-order the game and gain access to the beta launching around two weeks before it’s 10th November launch.

Official Website:

New look Fantasy Draft:

“Tactical Revamp” Trailer:


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