TransRoad: USA — Are You Ready to Become the Nation’s Biggest Hauler?

TransRoad: USA — Are You Ready to Become the Nation’s Biggest Hauler?

This November, TransRoad: USA, the newest management simulation game by Deck13 Hamburg and astragon Entertainment, will grant players the opportunity to discover the sophisticated logistics that are indispensable when it comes to keeping the US economy up and running.

After conquering the Seven Seas twice in TransOcean: The Shipping Company and TransOcean 2: Rivals, the newest game by German developer team Deck13 Hamburg will take you to a U.S. city of your choice, where you will manage your very own transport company and send countless trucks and their valuable freight along the legendary U.S. highways. With TransRoad: USA you will gain entrance into the challenging world of cross-country haulage and by cleverly employing your management skills and seizing the opportunity to lead your business to the top!

Players can choose between three entertaining game modes: campaign, quest, and sandbox. The campaign mode lets you follow the story of trucker Billy Bowman and his partner, who – after being fired out of the blue by their employer – decide to start their very own trucking company. While the quest mode does not come with an overarching storyline, it will keep you on your toes with a wide range of challenging tasks that come in addition to the management goals that you set for yourself. The sandbox mode gives you the ultimate freedom to lead your business as you see fit.

Moreover, each city in TransRoad: USA not only offers a local trading center but is also home to several potential clients of every ambitious hauler. All in all, 77 businesses from 14 industry sectors offer a wide range of goods and products, which you can transport not only from city to city but also between the clients themselves. Other game elements include contracts, types of goods, delivery deadlines, the number of needed trucks, the number of partial shipments, the penalty for a breach of contract, the point of time when a client will cancel a contract due to lateness, and much more.

And what would a logistics company be without the appropriate vehicles? In TransRoad: USA you will be able to look around 14 truck and trailer shops spread out across the whole country. No matter if the truck comes brand new or used, you should always keep a sharp eye on the different properties of each tractor unit as not every truck will match with each of the game’s seven trailer types.

TransRoad: USA will be available in retail and online starting November 9, 2017.

Find more information about the development of TransRoad: USA also on Facebook: .

Players looking to put the game on their wish list can find TransRoad: USA on Steam™ already today: 

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